LB-OB Dance Cover

OBI no longer exist, so this was sadly our first and last dance cover as an OB-LB Team, but that doesn’t mean we’re no longer making dance covers. No one and nobody can stop us from singing, dancing and from being awesome.

Got our dance cover video live in Youtube with 200 hits….. Super! 200 is something that I always brag to my younger siblings, though my dance video with Jinibord (not her real name) got 1000 views two months after being aired on Youtube.

Unfortunately, AronChupa and SME hate me so much that they blocked my video to some countries, and take a note; that “some countries” they’re saying reached to a list of more than 90 countries. Imagine that? My video can only be viewed in most countries in Africa.

but who the hell care in AFRICA?

After two months of frustration I decided to have it uploaded in Vimeo, with a basic account that comes with 1/2 GB storage per week which I think is fair enough for us free members.

So here you go.


Hope you enjoy and hope this one from vimeo do not end up with the same unfortunate fate with the one I uploaded in youtube. Let’s just all pray.

More dance cover videos are soon to come and will be feature here in my blog…so stay tuned.


As you can see above, my vimeo video was pulled out for the same sketchy reason. The GOOD NEWS is that my youtube video was up again and now has 200k views. YAY. 🙂

200k Views in Youtube (O___o)

AronChupa – Albatraoz dance craze hit Philippines a year after I posted in youtube our dance cover. Who would thought of it going VIRAL? I did not foresee Aronchupa’s success which explains why I fail to monetize my video ;(

Anyways. here’s our dance cover. Please, finish the video and force yourself to enjoy.


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