Yakitori Binchotan : Yes! They’re Finally Here!

“We aim to bring guests as close as possible to the true Yakitori experience,” said Gerry Apolinario, president and chief operating officer (CEO) of Gerry’s Group of Restaurants.


Yakitori Binchotan is finally here in Cebu! Yes, you guys need to check their first branch at Lightsite Parc along AS Fortuna, Mandaue, where Ramen Sora, a Japanese noodle house, is also located.

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The new restaurant will bring to our table the best of Hokkaido. Dishes not only look and smell Japanese, but also feel and taste like original Japanese cuisine.


Why Visit Yakitori?


To be honest, I am not a fan of Korean, Chinese, or Japanese cuisines. I know I am not the only one who hates CHOPSTICKS. Yeah, I admit I don’t know how to use them. And like what I had imagined, Yakitori’s table shone with these wicked steel sticks.


But I still managed a bite or two of their various offerings. Actually, I ate a lot. Who would not when everything tasted so delicious? I couldn’t hold back from eating and pretend I was on a diet.


Teriyaki Chicken Salad, Php275

I’d be the first to raise my hand if somebody asked, “who would throw these veggies away?”


But not this one. Not this tempting Teriyaki Chicken Salad. I’ve never seen a salad with so much happiness in it. Oh my… I remember the feeling (and now, I’m getting hungry).


Tiger Roll, Php335

These Tiger Rolls made me lose my integrity. I am famous for avoiding sea foods. The smell and taste of these sea creatures that most people crave are the same things that kill my appetite.


Yakitori’s Tiger Rolls, however, are creamy and a bit spicy. The ingredients blend so well that the separate identities are gone. Yes, the dish made me forget it had shrimps on it. Meron nga ba?


Tsukune with Poached Egg, Php125

I was Like…. “Raw egg?”, Tsukune is best served sizzling hot with poached egg. It’s one of their best sellers. You won’t find this in Ayala Terraces.


Pork Belly Shio (salt and pepper),Php65

And here comes my favorite:  Pork. Pork. Pork.  🙂 Trust me guys, Pork Belly Shio tastes so amazing you’d want your mom to steal its recipe so she can cook it for you daily. And get fat.


Pork Belly Tare (house teriyaki sauce), Php75

For only 75 pesos, this Pork Belly Tare will complete your diner. Yakitori serves Tare with a perfectly tender pork belly.


What Makes These Recipes Unique and Special?

Yakitori Binchotan’s recipes were passed on to Chef Nori by his grandfather who used to prepare them for his family during special occasions.  

Chef Nori opened Yakitori Binchotan in Hokkaido where he grew up serving dishes using his grandfather’s secret sauce, and grilled using Binchotan, a special kind of charcoal found only in Japan that brings out the taste of the skewered delight, usually chicken.

Yakitori isn’t as simple as putting meat or vegetable on a stick and grilling them.

“There is so much discipline required in preparing this dish. The smell, the aroma of skewered dishes, and ultimately the taste makes all the difference,” adds Chef Nori. I feel the need to meet this man someday.


Lucky note to all Pampangueños, Yakitori Binchotan and Ramen Sora are set to open their second branches in  Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga September last year.



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