Twilight Pool Summer Outing 2015

Backpack – ready.

Cameras – charged.

All set.

Twilight here we come!

We are heading to the north of Cebu.

We’ve visited the south last time so I reckon it would be fair to check out what the north has to offer this time around.

Technically, we’d be travelling through two small municipalities in an hour’s drive.

Not bad, huh?

At least, the sceneries alone would make waking up early totally worth it.

We arrived around past 11am, tired and a little hungry.

Fortunately for us, 3 tables have been prepared. I couldn’t be happier I made reservations a week ago.

After securing our bags, we didn’t waste any time catching up.

Of course, there’s the usual banter, and a few sarcastic (but harmless) exchanges every now and then. It’s good to be in the company of old friends.

Overall, the place was nice but I would have to admit it didn’t really live up fully to my expectations. While they have this spacious area where guests can play games and do team building activities, they only have one pool with just a mini jacuzzi to boot.

The cottages were at the very least decent-looking, but nothing really extraordinary.

However, they are fully booked and even have foreign guests the day we visited. Guess I could say they have that going for them.

SJ Time

Apart from catching up with old friends, there’s one thing about this trip that has me totally stoked.

It’s the perfect venue for me to see what my new SJ4000 waterproof camera has to offer!

I already know the basics but I have yet to try using it to take underwater shots.

Jhong has shown me the essentials so I’m pretty excited to see what me and my camera can come up with.

Let’s Drink

Fact: I barely drink.

The truth is I very seldom drink that ‘social drinker’ would not even do me justice. Haha.

However, I decided to make today an exception.

I tried out some of the alcoholic drinks.

It does not taste as awful as I expected but my throat did not seem to agree.

On the bright side though, I think drinking helped banish my swimmer’s headache or supraorbital neuralgia. If you need a fancy term you can use in case you want to skip work, consider using the latter. Oh, and you’re welcome. Haha

Back when we visited Danao’s Sunshine Shin, all I can remember was my headache. Fortunately, the lime-liquor combo did a number on my swimmer’s headache and I am having a blast, sans the unwelcome ache.

Summer Music Video

For 3 consecutive years, I’ve always made it a point to create summer music videos to commemorate our batch summer outing. The first two videos have been courtesy of Jhong.

You can check out the first video here, and the second one here.

This year is no exception.

Except this time, we have incorporated awesome underwater shots and videos in the mix.  

So here it goes, for your viewing pleasure — our very own summer station ID!

Hope you like it


To my other classmates who didn’t make it to the event, you missed a lot! Be sure not to miss out on the fun the next time around!


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