I Know – (My First Creative Writing Post)

It’s raining heavily outside. It’s been raining for days and today’s the worst everything seemed to be gray, cold, and lifeless.

It is as if the Chaac, the Mayans rain God knows how pensive I am lately. How sadness and pain drowned me.

“Are you leaving me now?” he asked me with his voice cracking. I can see he’s holding back tears in his eyes. He can’t look straight at me— my heart feels so heavy and I can’t hide my emotions and fake a straight face.

“I… I guess” I barely whispered staring away at nothing as I slowly slide his hand off my arm.

My tears are flowing fast this time. My legs are weak, I want to go but it won’t move. Not a single step.

“Please stay… I need you” he cried, this time he wrapped me with his arms from behind. I can feel how much he wants me to stay. I’ve never felt this warm and safe.

I can see from where I am standing how the rain orchestrates with my sorrows.

“Please don’t leave me. You know how much you mean to me” he kept on saying as he hugs me tighter.

I drop my case. I can’t leave him. I know from the very beginning that I can’t leave him; not because he wanted me to stay but because I know deep in me that  I can’t live without him. I can’t, not anymore.

I slowly grab his hand from my shoulder. I hold him like I never want to let go. I lean my head close to his.

“I…” He didn’t let me finish my words and kiss me softly and passionately like it’s our first time.

“I love you…” I sincerely continued as he freed my lips.

“I know” he replied and kiss me again with his hand gently rest on the back of my neck.

“You know how much I love you… I know you know.” He added looking straight at me. I felt his sincerity, I felt his love. His eyes are red and fresh tears flow from them.

“I know,” I responded with a sweet truthful smile and kiss him again.


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