Tips on How to Extend your Phones’ Battery Life

We all use smartphones and majority of us have the same “battery-life” issues. Flagships and a handful of Mid-range smartphones now have batteries that would last you or any savvy users a day. But in reality, only a small fraction of the population gets a hold of those high-end smartphones.

Heavy games, applications and themes are the biggest factors that drains our smartphones. Below are some personal tips and applications I use to extend the battery-life of my phone.

Turn Off your Face Unlock

If you’re using Face ID to unlock your phone, I would recommend you turning it off and switch to other security options available on your phone. With your Face Unlock ON, your camera and other sensors are always on and scanning if the object in front of it matches your Face ID and will surely drain your battery faster. Unlike fingerprint scanners that only activates once you touch/press the sensors.

Turn Off your Voice Assistant and Voice Search feature

Similar with Face ID, this time your audio sensors are always scanning surrounding audio to match default voice commands, like “Okay, Google” for android, “Hello Cortana” for windows, the famous “Hey Siri” for iPhone Users. I highly recommend you turn these settings off as it will not only help you extend the battery life of your phone, but it will also help you with your security. For some these are just conspiracy theories, still I personally believe our phones are listening and reading to our conversations to gather more data on what marketing ads and news to display on our feeds.

Use Light-RAM eating Themes

I know some people who are guilty of this. Heavily animated home screens with flashy keyboards, moving icons and so on. Technically, these are users’ personal preference and choices, ergo I will not judge 😉. However, if you’ve been ranting about your phone drained like a rolling ball, then I suggest you change and/or remove unnecessary animations, effects and running widgets on your phone. I highly recommend Nova and Niagara Launchers- I’ve been using these two since 2011; both launchers have a PRO, or should I say “paid version” where you can access more features and settings for customization.

Clean/Optimize your Cache data regularly

These are simple yet most ignored by users. Clearing your cache/junk data significantly help boost your phones performance and do not just extend the battery life. If your phone has a built-in Optimizer make use of it to kill all Apps running on the background that are probably eating your RAM and draining your battery. I recommend using Avast Cleanup for android users as it has the most number of downloads with the highest rating.

Use Darker Settings/Night Mode

If your phone rolled out “Dark Mode” settings, then use it. It’s not created only for aesthetic, it’s created to help extend the life of both mobile batteries and screens. This is very apparent if your phone has an OLED display.

Pull some Settings Down

If you’re not a gamer, try lowering down your phones’ Refresh-Rate settings. The higher the settings the faster it drains your battery. Set a lower brightness; adjust your display settings and select HD instead of UHD, this will “low-key” degrade the quality of your display- trust me no one will notice 😉

Turn Off your Data, Bluetooth, Hotspot and Location

If you’re not using them, then turn them off. Data and Hotspot are one of causes your phone to become extremely hot and eats your battery life like a monster. I advise you turn them off if you’re not using them, and at the same time it will help you save more data too. Same with your Bluetooth and Location settings, only turn them on when you need them.

Never use your phone while charging

This is a very old information that we all seem to ignore. If you want your phone, not just your battery to last longer then please let it rest while it’s charging and do not over charge. I also recommend you use the original or the correct chargers for your phone. Do not trust cheap/fake chargers as it’s very dangerous and might cause fire and property damages. Invest on chargers as much as you invest on your phone casings 😉

I hope you learn something from this post, and if you have personal tips and secrets on how you extend the life your portable devices please let us know in the comment section below.


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